Blogging So Far – One Month Anniversary

Something I thought about doing forever. Something I never got round to doing. Something I decided I would finally do exactly one month ago today.

Blogging for me so far has been a learning experience, despite it having been four short weeks, and a good learning experience at that.

In my first week, I wrote my first blog post on a very close to home subject for me that I was just dying to get off my chest. Writing it and pressing that satisfying-yet-daunting ‘Upload’ button to share with the WordPress Community gave me a sense of achievement and total euphoria.

In my second week of being a ‘blogger’ (I use this term loosely), I stumbled upon First Friday dead in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. First Friday being the place for new bloggers to share their very first post with a range of old and new WordPress users for them to check your page out, follow and like your blog and for new bloggers to equally discover the kind of blogs they like and follow too. So around 3am in the morning, I commented with my blog and boom!!! A comment here, a comment there, a like here, a like there. And after reading through several other posts on a variety of topics from poetry to love to energy, I finally felt like part of the family.

In my third and fourth week of blogging, I watched my stats go from strength to strength and was finally starting to contemplate my next blog post. . . Until I got my One Month Anniversary email from WordPress and decided to summarise my four week experience instead.

So in my first month of blogging, I have learnt that:

  • Writing truly is a freedom of expression that all sorts of people worldwide are able to do through blogging
  • To write from the heart always because what’s better than telling your own story in your own words and inspiring people along the way
  • That connecting with others through blogging is just as therapeutic as blogging itself
  • And most importantly, to update your About page from the theme template you choose for your new blog (people actually check this and mine is still in the works, thanks for asking)

So from me to you, congratulations to anyone else who has reached this milestone or any other and here’s to happy blogging in the future.

Peace and Love always


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