Magic. . . And Then Some

Black Girl Magic. A movement of sisters who magically thrive in life, school, careers, motherhood, the arts, beauty, originality, knowledge, woke-ness and everything in between. There is no doubt that black girl magic is on the rise with posts celebrating our excellence at every turn on social media. But what happens when a black girl doesn’t feel so magical and instead faces life’s mishaps? Are these issues broadcast as much when a sister is going through it? I think not. So here we have Black Girl Magic and Mishaps. A space that not only celebrates our magic, but addresses the trials faced as young black women that are often unexpected from our strong, confident energy and flawless instagram pics. The truth is a lot of issues that we face are not discussed amongst ourselves, leaving a lot of girls and women feeling alone. I being one of them. So here’s to opening up the floor to discussion and doing away with embarrassment that not only are black girls magic, but that we face mishaps too.


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